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Service Website / Information Support Contact
ADA https://delwpvicgovau.sharepoint.com/ (DELWP only) 136 186

[email protected]

ARENA https://arena.nafc.org.au/ NAFC [email protected]
BoM http://www.bom.gov.au Feedback form

Phone (03) 9669 4000

CenITex For support for PC’s, email, networks, printers, and standard DELWP software support. [email protected]

Phone 1800 020 140

Country Fire Authority (CFA) http://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/
DELWP Website https://www2.delwp.vic.gov.au/ Phone 136 186

[email protected]

EM COP https://cop.em.vic.gov.au/

EM-COP Training: https://training.cop.em.vic.gov.au

Supported by EMV: [email protected]

Phone (03) 8684 1388

Doctrine Feedback FFMVic Bushfire Management Manuals are available on FireWeb and the Go Firefighters App. If you have any suggestions to improve content, please click here to help ensure FFMVic ‘doctrine’ – our procedures and guidance documents for bushfire management – are in shape to support the work we do.  Contact Operational Improvements
Fire Protection Association Australia http://www.fpaa.com.au/
Forest Fire Management Victoria  https://www.ffm.vic.gov.au/  Phone 136 186

[email protected]

Forest & Fire Fleet

To raise a Mobile Plant and Equipment request, or report an incident or a fault.

 G Wagon Service Desk
Information Services Division (ISD) For issues related to the purchase of PC’s, software purchase, desk phones, and mobile phones (support and purchase). See the DELWP Service Portal for a full range of services.
State Emergency Service (SES) http://www.ses.vic.gov.au/
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Fire Management http://fire.r9.fws.gov/
U.S. Forest Service International Programs http://www.fs.fed.us/global/wsnew/welcome.htm” target=”_blank
Vic Emergency https://www.emergency.vic.gov.au/ Phone 1800 226 226
Vic Roads http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au
Wildfire News USA http://www.wildfirenews.com/

Please note, as FFM Support don’t support these applications or websites, we can’t be responsible for the details being up-to-date.

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